Pride (Deadly Sins Motorcycle Club, Book #1)

Pride (Deadly Sins Motorcycle Club, Book #1) by Heather Ash



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This 87,300-word gay romance novel is the first in a series featuring various members of the fictional Deadly Sins Motorcycle Club.

The story does not end in a cliffhanger.

For some men, the call of the open road is in the blood.

Tanner Lee was born into the Deadly Sins Motorcycle Club in Babylon, Georgia, but he has spent the past six years in a prison for juvenile offenders. Due to the callous nature of his crime and the confident way he carries himself, Tanner is lord of all he surveys behind the barbed-wire fences. On the eve of his release, Tanner befriends a kindred spirit who will change the course of his life. 

Seventeen-year-old Mallory Ritter is an angry young man with bipolar disorder and a huge chip on his shoulder. Mallory’s life hasn’t been easy. His young, single mom continually struggles to make ends meet, and his older brother died in Afghanistan while serving our country. Mallory puts on a brave and somewhat abrasive front, but underneath the tough exterior lurks a gentle soul with a kind heart. During his brief stint at the juvenile correctional facility, something unexpectedly clicks between Mallory and another inmate, the smart and sexy Tanner Lee. 

Tanner has just turned eighteen. With his six-year sentence now served in full, it’s finally time for him to go home. His foster parents and the rest of his Deadly Sins family rejoice at Tanner’s return to the compound, but his long-awaited homecoming doesn’t come off without a hitch. 

After experiencing a traumatic event at the correctional facility, Mallory is in dire need of help, and he calls on his new friend Tanner to come to the rescue. With Tanner’s assistance, Mallory escapes his old life and finds sanctuary with the Deadly Sins Motorcycle Club, and the bonds of brotherhood soon take on a deeper meaning. 

Not every man can make the grade as a member of an outlaw motorcycle club, especially an organization as unique as the Deadly Sins. The crew’s seven-headed snake mascot represents a ruthless taskmaster, and the personification of iconic Lady Justice is a swift and merciless judge. For two teenage boys on the cusp of adulthood, the life of an outlaw biker is exciting, but it comes with a hefty price. As if Mallory and Tanner’s quest to prove themselves worthy to wear the club’s colors isn’t challenging enough, add to that a secret the boys share—a secret that could turn the Deadly Sins against them.


Series Reading Order:

Pride (Deadly Sins Motorcycle Club, Book #1)
Wrath (Deadly Sins Motorcycle Club, Book #2)