Killer Minds




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Killer Minds is a 134,200-word psychological thriller.

BAR HARBOR, Maine (The National Wire) – A man convicted in 1997 for his role in a notorious child-sex prostitution ring has been found dead inside his Bar Harbor condo. Gerard Hillary, 54, was discovered early this morning by a neighbor who noticed Hillary lying on the floor of his sunroom, clearly unconscious and with his head positioned at an unnatural angle. Hillary was released on parole from Maine State Prison six months ago.

Time runs away from Josiah Greer, and it has done so for as long as he can remember. Clothing he doesn’t recall buying regularly shows up in his closets, and credit card bills arrive in the mail listing purchases he didn’t make. Strangers approach Josiah in stores and restaurants, calling him by other names and greeting him as if they’re old friends. He awakens in unfamiliar places, in bed with people he doesn’t know.

Time is Josiah Greer’s enemy.

When one particular block of lost time nearly ends his life, Josiah awakens in a local hospital with a compassionate psychiatrist at his bedside. The enigmatic Dr. Amadeus Kiesl quickly diagnoses Josiah with dissociative identity disorder. As Josiah’s symptoms reach a level he can no longer effectively manage on his own, he agrees to allow Dr. Kiesl into his home for intensive one-on-one therapy.

Reports of peculiar murders soon begin hitting the news. At first, the seemingly unrelated killings of paroled child molesters are barely a blip on Josiah’s personal radar, but as Dr. Kiesl uncovers a tragically dark childhood secret as the source of Josiah’s mental illness, a more sinister truth is revealed.